Whoever first coined the phrase ‘you can’t please everyone’ clearly had no experience of delivering a Jewish Property and Trade Exhibition.

With thousands of visitors expected at JTrade 21, the team is preparing to welcome all to the ExCel in London – with Jewish people of all affiliations, dress codes, locations and business backgrounds welcome.

Ari Feferkorn, founder of JTrade, said: “My main goal here is to bring Jewish communities together, we have previously achieved this on an amazing level. The Jewish community gathered together at JTrade 18 and JTrade19 and, no matter Orthodox, non-Orthodox; we got everyone to network, collaborate and hammer out deals.”

The JTrade Expo draws attendees from the UK, Europe and around the world, all gathered under the same roof for the same purpose.

The Jewish community is booming with entrepreneurs and self-starters – and JTrade aims to build a bridge between all communities, ensuring collaboration goes beyond culture and heritage. JTrade creates opportunities to discuss, debate and discover new ideas in an environment filled with countless world views.

The event is geared to help with economic development following Covid, giving businesses and entrepreneurs the tools to get out there and grow. Ari adds ‘When we can create business opportunities, we can facilitate commercial and economic activity – it’s great for everyone.”

The team at JTrade is creating an unforgettable visitor experience.  No matter what part of the property and construction sector you are from, or where in the world you are travelling from, you are guaranteed to find a whole new world of possibilities at JTrade 21.

We would love for you to be a part of the Expo and share how your business is making an impact in the community.  Book your stand today.  It’s time to start making plans to transform your business


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