Ways to promote your JTrade stand – and attract visitors

JTrade is a great way of showcasing your organisation. But if you want to make the most of the opportunity you need to maximise your presence at the show and start your marketing campaign NOW. 

Work with us – Seize the publicity opportunities! Contact us, tell us if you are marketing a new product or serve at our trade show, work with our marketing team to create a noise on social media and seek out opportunities in the press.  Start the hype early by writing a news release to raise awareness of the event with the media – journalists are busy, so an email with a great subject line will make an impression.

Social media strategy – When it comes to social media promotion, it’s important to plan your social media to engage with your audience in creative ways will boost your visitor attendance. Your social media efforts should be firmly fixed on your target audience and who you want to attract.

Invite existing customers – Use your current network of customers. Inform your current customers through email or phone that you will be exhibiting and personally invite them to attend. If you have created strong relationships with your clients/customers, then they will likely be willing to support your business at the expo.

Research, research, research…  #Didyouknow the average exhibition attendees visit about 12 stands over the course of the show.  So, what are you going to do to ensure yours is one of those stands? Preparation is key – send out invites in advance.

Send out a Mailchimp/newsletter/update to your CRM database, save the date, send postcards – give people a reason to find you. 

Blogging – Use your website to fuel your pre-event marketing.  Your blog can include information about any giveaways, competitions, and new products you will showcase on the day. A blog is much less ‘salesy’ than typical expo marketing literature, so is a great way to create some interest.

Partnerships – Reach out to potential collaborators and partners early.  Do you have a contact who could supply your printed materials in return for promotion?  Or work with people who have complementary services for a similar market? This way, they can help you spread the word from the very beginning.

Offer discounts – Visitors to your stand will be interested in your product – why else would they approach you?  But they might not be ready, or able to place an order.  You could devise a voucher scheme, offering a discount or additional services, valid for the next 6 months.


To book your stand and promote your business visit >>https://www.jtrade.co.uk/book-a-stand/

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