Posted on July 9, 2021

The no.1 technique major brands use to draw visitors to their trade stands.

How do major events companies and brands attract visitors to their show stands? According to Eventbrite, it’s all about the emails, with 45% of event ticket sales coming directly from email marketing. So whether you’re a first-time exhibitor, or a veteran attendee, here’s how you can apply some expert marketing touches to your invitation emails, and boost the attention and interest your stand receives at JTrade this year.

Start with a killer subject line.

Most people receive dozens, if not hundreds, of emails each day. Many of these will go unread, particularly if they don’t come from a colleague or regular contact. Which is why your subject line needs to jump out. So how do you go from ‘ignored’ to ‘must read now’ with so few words? Urgency, and a little familiarity, are the two touchstones that professional marketers aim for. If you can get a little of each in there, you’ve got a good chance that your invitation email will be opened and read.


For example:

Hi (name), join us at JTrade! Want a FREE guest ticket?

(recipient’s first name), don’t miss (your company name) at JTrade


Keep the email personal.

 Eventbrite’s email marketing survey also found that targeted emails, when sent to the relevant people, saw the highest open rates and responses.

You might be attending JTrade as a company, but think of your email as a one-to-one conversation. Include the recipient name in your greeting and sign off using your own name. For bonus points, throw in a line or two mentioning details of previous meetings, or people you both know well, to underline that you have taken the time to write a personal message.

This will take longer than blasting out a generic ‘send all’ invitation, but will reward you with a much higher response rate.


Keep things short and snappy.

 Provide the event details up front, so the person you are emailing can decide whether they have the time and availability to attend JTrade.

After that, focus on your main selling points. Aside from attending JTrade and benefitting from the networking opportunities on offer, what extra value will people get from dropping by your stand in particular? Are you planning a new product or service launch? Will you be offering a presentation or other marketing event at a certain time? Are you giving away an exclusive discount code with your email, or a ‘first 100 visitors get free merchandise’ kind of deal? These are the details that will get people to take action.

Remember, the goal of your email is to get someone to book a FREE guest ticket to attend JTrade, so be sure to include a link that sends them over to our ticket booking form.


Throw in a freebie.

 People love to feel like they’re getting an exclusive offer, or even a chance to grab some free merchandise. A discount code available only to people who book tickets directly from your email contact can be a nice way to achieve this. And letting people know that there’s an opportunity to grab free merchandise at your stand will encourage people to put you on their ‘must see’ list, which is exactly where you want to be.


Include imagery.

Marketing professionals understand the power images have when it comes to emails. In fact, detailed analysis of thousands of marketing campaigns has shown that when an email contains images as well as text, around 42% more recipients go on to take further action, such as clicking on a link.

At the end of the day, people respond to visual stimuli. So if you have some nice brand photography to hand, then consider including this as part of your invitation email.


Don’t forget to send a reminder.

If you send out a lot of invitation emails during your marketing push, a certain percentage will be ignored, some will be read and then forgotten about, and others will get lost under the weight of more pressing emails. That’s the reality of marketing, and sometimes, a fresh email might just hit the inbox at the right time, and get a better response.

So as JTrade gets closer, line up a reminder email letting people know they can still book tickets, and that you’re still going to be there. With a bit of persistence, and a touch of luck, you could well nudge a few people who are sitting on the fence to take action.

…and don’t forget, once JTrade has finished, your email marketing is just starting.


After the excitement and networking opportunities have ended at JTrade, the right approach to post-event email marketing can turn convention conversations into connections, conversions and collaborations. But it all starts with the event itself, and that’s where your email invitations will ensure you get maximum value out of your investment in a stand.

If you haven’t yet booked your place yet, don’t worry, there’s still a few spaces available. Don’t miss out, secure your stand today