Posted on September 9, 2019

A very JTrade success story

When Chaim Weissman attended the original JTrade expo in 2018, he was simply a visitor looking for inspiration. As he explored the numerous stands, he couldn’t help but notice that there was no Jewish company specialising in tiling. Certainly, there were tile suppliers, but no actual tilers. And as someone who didn’t mind getting his hands dirty and working hard, Weissman was determined to change that.

Having spotted his niche, he lost no time in pursuing his new dream. Determined to do things properly to achieve maximum professionalism in his newly chosen field, he enrolled in Able Skills and studied to become a qualified tiler.

Fully certified and confident, he returned to JTrade, this time as a proper exhibitor and newly minted owner of his own tiling company. The expo was exactly what his business needed, opening up a wealth of opportunities and introducing him to a broad spectrum of both prospective clients and ‘word-of-mouth’ers, who’d help spread the news of his fledgling venture around the community.

Looking back at that time, Chaim clearly sees a direct link between the event and his subsequent success. He now runs a fast growing company with four full time employees.

We take business places. Chaim Weissman Tiling is proof of just how true that is.