Posted on September 9, 2019

A very JTrade success story

Jack Hambling didn’t book a stand at JTrade 2018 for the simple reason that he had nothing to exhibit.

JTrade 2018 featured 180 stands. Jack Hambling wasn’t manning any of them. But he was there-with a plan. He knew exactly what he wanted to do and who he needed to meet. He’d just launched a brand new window cleaning business, but he had no clients yet.

Hambling attended JTrade as a visitor, keen to meet management companies and offer them his services. For someone looking to source valuable contacts in the construction industry, JTrade was the ideal place; he left with 3-4 prospects, which he diligently followed up, and indeed, they were his first clients.

Meeting new contacts led to further business opportunities, which steadily increased as the word spread. As each contact led to another, what had started as a one-man  company expanded dramatically – all thanks to those first few JTrade clients. He now has his own vans and team, and business is booming.

Naturally, Hambling exhibited his now thriving business at the 2019 expo, and he is thrilled with the results. He reports that not only has he easily paid back his exhibition costs twofold, but business keeps steadily coming in due to the contacts he made. He feels incredibly grateful for the JTrade opportunity, which he credits with his considerable success.